“One of the best food tours in the world”

“One of the best food tours in the world”

Do you know Aborígens Barcelona? In 2013, The Sunday Times Magazine called them “One of the best food tours in the world”.

This project was founded back in 2011 by three professionals with long and accredited experience in journalism, food writing, social media, communication, eating and drinking. As Local Food Insiders they promote local tourism that fits with the territory, brings people into the community and remains faithful to Catalonia’s food traditions.
Aborígens offers culinary experiences for either chefs, professionals and food passionates, always pursuing a single goal: to enjoy Catalan gastronomy in a casual and vibrant way.

His co-founder Francesc Castro will be with us at the Student Tourism Congress We are really excited! He knows a lot about food and wine!

Francesc Castro is a journalist from Barcelona, whose knowledge of Catalonia and Catalan cuisine, together with his passion for good food and wine, brought him to co-found Aborígens – Local Food Insiders.

Are you going to miss it?  Tickets are available now from 30€!